July 17, 2015

, July 17, 2015

What a day! I love Olympics here at Camp Green Lane. Our theme this year is Imaginary Places: Neverland (captains Brian Geller and Jazzy Scott), Wonka World (captains Matthew Reeses and Allie Combs), and The Land of Oz (captains Abe Granoff and Emily Leibovitz). We began our morning with the past Color War camper captains running the Olympic torch around camp. Once the opening ceremonies were over, each team performed their morning cheer.

Our day of fun began as we spilt into divisional activities. We played all of the old favorites like Bombardment, Hungarian Frisbee, Steal the Bacon, and Musical Chairs. We added some new relay races: the kangaroo hop, make your own lemonade, and my favorite the pizza box race. The boxes were stacked higher than some of the campers. It was hilarious to watch. Of course we ended the afternoon watching the captains run the famous obstacle course down at lakeside. It was great to see each captain try to “slip and slide” their way to victory.

Tonight we have the Olympics Dance where each team will put on one last performance. Then the judges will deliberate and announce this year’s winner. Most importantly, we come back together as a camp family to dance the night away.

Yours in Camping,

Aunt Mindy