Camp Green Lane Newsletter-July 19, 2015

, July 19, 2015

It has been a weekend of special guests here at Camp Green Lane. As Jessie mentioned yesterday, we have our New Venture campers here enjoying all that camp has to offer. Watching their faces light up at each new activity is a spectacle you never grow tired of. Last night we brought in the Kosher Hypnotist for our evening activity. I have never seen the hypnotist before and it was highly entertaining to watch him put our campers and staff “under”. It worked for a select few who gave us a show we will never forget. It’s not often we see our counselors lose their inhibitions and perform for the whole camp.

Today we kept cool in the pool, lake, and indoor activities. Then we had another special guest, The Court Jesters, an act similar to The Harlem Globetrotters. The Jesters played a great basketball game against our staff, dazzling us with their skills and tom-foolery. Our counselors played hard but were no match for The Jesters highly skilled high jinx.

I happen to be helping the New Venture parents back to their cars this afternoon. Camper after camper told their parents, “I want to come here next year”. It was music to my ears. You see, it’s one thing for all of us here already to love camp. It’s another to introduce it to a new generation. Every year we struggle to put into words why camp is so great. Sometimes it’s just easier to experience it for yourself. I’m thrilled that these young children felt the same way we do. We can’t wait to add them to the Camp Green Lane family.

Yours in camping,

Aunt Mindy