November 2nd Newsletter

, November 2, 2015

Happy November!

Wow. It is amazing how quickly Halloween came and went. It was a little weird to be out in our own hometowns instead of dancing together on BB1. The watermelons turned to pumpkins, the weather turned from sunny days, to chilly afternoons. Yet, as these things change, we also get closer to our next time under the arches.

Things at the camp office are in full swing. New evening activities are being planned, trips set, new special events being made, and just a lot of other preparation for the 2016 summer. Of course, the favorites will stay, but we all are working hard to make this summer the best one ever.

I have geared a lot of my school units towards camp. We have played singdown, written Olympic songs, done the same types of improv games we play at camp, made some arts and craft projects (Shout out to Aunt Barb), and it makes me really appreciate the camp people. My students are amazing, but the external pressures of middle school inhibit them. At camp, everyone is just himself or herself, and they are loved and accepted for just being them. Campers don’t worry about what everyone will think; they go out and just have fun. These types of lessons transcend far beyond the arches. They are how we go out and make friends. How we put ourselves out there to have the best experiences, because we have matured and learned so much while at camp.

We only have 236 days left! It will be here before you know it!

Yours in camping,

Uncle Jesse Cohen