October Newsletter

, October 18, 2015

As the leaves begin to change and the cold fall air is really setting in, I have been doing some camp soul searching. In other words I have been listening to camp songs like crazy and counting down the days until  Summer 2016. That being said, we have a lot of time to go, so while we wait and continue to count down the hours until we’re once again between the arches, here are some camp related things that I have been pondering.

Lately, I have been thinking about what it really means to be a part of the CGL family. Why is it so special and how does it really work? This is what I have come up with so far—Your Camp family starts the first time you enter the arches. It could have been on your tour, or visiting day, or maybe it was the day that you rode into the circle on the bus for the first time. The point, is the minute you walked through the arches, you knew that this was your family. It wasn’t something you had to get used to or warm up to, it was just a feeling you had. It was a feeling that these people cared about you and supported you. It was the feeling that you were about to find your forever friends who would be with you through it all. At the time, you probably thought to yourself that you were the only one who felt this way, little did you know this didn’t make you unique but instead made you a part of something big. We all exist in this amazing little world we call the Camp Green Lane family and are so lucky to be a member. Everyday throughout the winter I see pieces of the camp family reaching out to each other and proving just how great of a community we are. We rally around each other in our hard times, and we congratulate each other on special day. We travel far and wide to see each other, and get so excited when we randomly run into a camp family member without planning it. It doesn’t matter if this was your first summer at camp, or you went to camp 50 years ago, all that matters is you are a part of the camp family. You get to experience just how amazing it is to have this Green Lane family always behind you, and a summer home you can return to.

So, as October rolls into November and we continue to wait until we are between the arches again, think about your Camp Green Lane family. Think about how spending 2 months each summer between the arches, gave you an amazing gift of a second family you can always go to. I hope you too will sit around and ponder just how lucky we all are to know each other and continue to watch our camp family grow!

Yours in Camping,

Aunt Jessie Levin