Summer Blog July 30th

, July 30, 2022

The question was finally answered Friday night.

When’s it gonna break?

Well, if you had just after 9 p.m. on July 29 in the Color War Pool, then you guessed right. The correct answer was more coveted this week than a winning Mega Millions ticket here at CGL, and all the anxious energy finally exploded during another unforgettable break.

The Halloween Dance was interrupted by a pair of BOOMs, a fire and light show, and finally, the third BOOM signifying the official start of Color War 2022.

Today featured our first Silent Meal at breakfast, when there is no talking allowed in the Dining Hall. It’s a stark break from the loud cheering that normally fills the room at each meal. Instead, for the duration of Color War, campers write directions like “Pass the juice, please!” in order to navigate their way through the meal. All the while, hawk-eyed judges are looking for anyone who talks.

Then it was time for cabin activities. You’ve seen the pictures by now of the green and white face paint, tutus and hair spray, the bandanas and eye black. CGL campers not only looked the part , they also played with passion and flair to match the Color War spirit packages that arrived. All morning, they competed as cabins in traditional sports like hockey, softball, volleyball and water polo. These are activities that are typically on the regular camp schedule, but they’re spiced with Color War intensity.

There’s also an all-camp rooting interest. So when the young boys are finishing their basketball game on BB1, an audience will congregate. Late-game shots get reactions from the crowd and with the scoreboard ticking down, heroic moments and lifelong memories are made. Today we saw lots of buzzer-beaters, teams came back to win games, others lost at tough moments. Like the young boys on BB1. Green pulled out a thriller that sent a sea of green-clad campers rushing the court in victory.

Off to the side, one boy sat alone in a white shirt. He was on the losing end. Big moment. He probably never played in front of a crowd like that before. He was clearly upset.

And then one of those magic camp moments happened. Two other boys, in green walked over and sat down next to him and they sat there together for a while. Foes minutes ago, now again family.

Until the next activity.