Camp Green Lane Summer Blog Post-June 27th

, June 27, 2017

Last nights’ Pal program was a huge success! All of the Senior Boys and Girls were given a card with their younger pals names on it. Then we sat back and watched as they found their new pal and instantly started to bond. I heard amazing conversations about how excited the new campers are for all that is still to come this summer. It was nice to see the older campers take ownership of their new pal and want to teach them everything there is to know about camp. They were being good role models and will continue to play that role for our lower camp.

Today was another gorgeous day. I wish this weather would last allsummer. We ran our first Oneday schedule and are really getting into the camp routine. Everyone is out playing and having a great time.

Tonight we have a lot of out of camp trips. The Inter Girls are going bowling and the Inter boys are going to Freddy Hill Farms. The Seniors and Greeks will be headed to a night at the movies to see Cars 3(I’ve heard it is great!). The Debs and Cadets are staying in camp and playing Panic and bombardment. Excited for another beautiful night at camp!

 Yours in camping,

Aunt Jessie