Summer Blog Post August 1st

, August 1, 2022

Where else in the world do 400 people sit on the edge of their seats in rapt silence as a marathon spelling bee stretches into the late-night hours?

Where else would the correct spelling of the word rendezvous cause complete and total bedlam?

Camp Green Lane, that’s where.

And on Sunday night, we were treated to yet another chapter of the fairly new and totally wonderful Color War event called the Spelling Bee, in which eight campers and counselors from each team spell their way through a gauntlet that leaves only one player standing (or sitting) at the end.

The 2022 Spelling Bee featured last year’s defending champion, Patrick Buerke (A’s), who the White team cheered like a returning king entering the Globe. Everyone has a claim to fame at camp, and Patrick’s was the Spelling Bee crown he captured in 2021, his first summer. Odds were in his favor coming into the event, and it looked like he was well on his way to a second straight victory as he confidently attacked each word.

But the Green team rallied behind their own Kate Morton (Dunes) and as the two went back and forth, the drama inside the Globe intensified. Each team hung on every letter their player recited, and each “Correct” from head judge Max Frantz was met with even louder cheers.

Until, just before 10 p.m., Katie correctly spelled rendezvous.


The place went nuts, and Green captured a memorable victory.

Today’s Day 4 schedule featured cabin activities in the morning. In the afternoon, the boys held their track meet, while the girls had their swim meet. Tomorrow, we’ll flip. Also this afternoon, male and female staff soccer games were played.

Tonight though, is a big one. Rope Burn is one of the most incredible events of Color War week, when male camper captains compete to build a fire hot enough to burn through a thick rope strung 10 feet off the ground. It’s a memorable night for the participants—Matthew Freedman, Matthew Gurtov, Jesse Pollock and Jake Steinberg—their parents who will be watching live and remotely, and for the rest of camp watching at the bottom of the hill.

Camper Captains have a big job tonight, and it’s one they’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

Last night the entire camp stood behind two people competing in a spelling bee. Patrick and Katie will remember that for a long time, maybe even forever.

Tonight, more lifelong Color War memories will again be made.