Summer Blog Post- August 3rd

, August 3, 2022

One day more.

As you’re reading this, we are wrapping up our fifth full day of Color War. The morning featured the conclusion of cabin activities, making the end of a long week of competition, sportsmanship, and under no circumstances, any Color War in the cabins. That’s an old camp saying, which to some is a little bit of a joke, but the message is simple: keep the competition on the courts and on the fields, because at the end of the day, we’re all family.

The remainder of our activities will be by division, or will include the entire camp, like today’s afternoon activity and a Color War staple: All G-d’s Children.

A CGL rite of passage, this is also known as “the shoe game,” where campers and counselors race to find their shoes in a field full of them, put them on, tie the laces, and get in line to be counted faster than the other team. It’s a simple game, but if you’ve ever been stuck in the middle without a shoe, or if you’ve ever been one of the last to be tying the laces, it can be quite exciting!

Speaking of having nerves of steel, last night Green Camper Captains Marin Pecarsky and Sophia Gurtov won the Amazing Race. A lot of you tuned in for the live stream of the event in which they matched wits with the White team’s Kaleigh Bender and Lauren Jackson.

Later tonight are Campfire Skits. One of the biggest events of the week, each team has to write a short play that showcases their theme the best. It’s also one of the oldest traditions of Color War, originally held in front of an actual campfire. But tonight, we’ll watch from the friendly confines of the Globe.

One of the last remaining envelopes will be on the line with just a few events left in this battle between Green and White.

Tomorrow is the final day of Color War, and that means a morning filled with tugs of war and an afternoon of Steeplechase, another marathon relay race throughout camp that begins with the female captains—Ava Rosenstein and Tori Auerbach—eating a big bowl of pudding and ends with the male captains—Scott Simons and Nate Sterinbach—taking down a half watermelon.

Finally, tomorrow night is Sing Night. We’ll talk more about Sing tomorrow, but the entire week will come down to a single event where a winner will be crowned.

Stay tuned.

But now it’s your turn. I’ve been telling you a lot about Color War and traditions and events all week.

In the comments, tell us about what you like most about Color War or your favorite Color War memory!