Summer Blog Post August 4th

, August 4, 2022

On this night of sing and friendship, let us reminisce.

That’s a line from one of my favorite camp songs and a tune I’ve been whistling all day. That’s because today is one of the most special days of the summer here at CGL. Tonight is Sing Night, and if you know, then you know.

But if you don’t know, I’ll tell you Sing is a sacred night of summer when Color War comes to a close. It is a night, like the song says, of sing and friendship, when we’ll be neither the Green or the White anymore.

Tonight, we’ll hear a march, razz, friendship and alma mater from each team. The winner of Color War will be announced immediately after, and your children will cheer and some will cry, and inevitably, all the chairs will be pushed to the side and everyone will shake hands, hug and kiss.

It’s the most special moment of the summer when, after six days of intense competition, we come together again as a family.

How intense was it? This morning at tug of war, I heard young boys shouting at each other saying how the other team had beaten them all week in some activities, and this was their moment to finally win something, And they did. I also heard young girls saying if they lost their event, they would lose Color War.

Of course, Color War did not come down to those girls’ performances (and I was sure to let them know), but it speaks to the level of passion these kids have for Color War and how much they’ve physically and emotionally invested in this week. I think that’s what’s so moving about Sing for me, is seeing the sportsmanship always find a way to rise to the surface of the night.

Make no mistake. The pressure has been on. Like today in Steeplechase, Jax Kaber and Noah Rigberg had to throw a football through a tire from the foul line on BB1, a crucial point in the race that has determined many an outcome in the past. They crushed it, doing their jobs to help their teams advance. Seconds later, their male captains tore into watermelon halves to finish a very tight race.

Congratulations to White on winning one of the most exciting and hard-fought Steeplechase events I’ve ever seen.

It has been all hands on deck all week, from the basketball courts to the spelling bee arena to the creative projects, the amazing race and rope burn and the pudding and melon. It has been a memorable week of competition and spirit.

The only thing left to do is sing.

And hug. And cry.