Summer Blog Post July 10th

, July 10, 2022

Happy Playday!

Last night we were able to hold our first Casino Night in the Globe for our Greeks, Senior Boys, and Senior Girls. Campers were given 10 tickets at the door and for every 10 tickets they had at the end of the night, they were able to enter their name into a raffle for some exciting prizes. There was an array of fun snacks like mozzarella sticks and waffle fries to enjoy, and a variety of games to play such as blackjack, bingo, roulette, high or low, and more.

Tonight we will host Casino Night for the Debs, Cadets, Inter Boys, and Inter Girls. Send your camper lots of luck in hopes that they, too, may win a special privilege like a private movie night for their cabin, a free period in the air conditioned White House, foam party, or a golf cart chauffeur for the day!

Last night was also the overnight for Inter Girls! The cabins of Hyatt, Hershey, and Holiday set up their tents, ate delicious hot dogs and hamburgers, and ended the night with plenty of s’mores.

Another exciting event from this morning – Olympics finally broke at Camp Green Lane! The music triumphantly blared over the speaker system this morning and summoned everyone to the basketball court, where our eight Olympic Team captains were eagerly waiting at four tables. They were decked out in their best “nerdy” with bow ties, suspenders, and high socks – a perfect fit for our Olympics theme, which is school subjects.

The Olympics team captains are:

English – Sydney Greene and Hunter Cohen

Math – Will Stutman and Sonia Goldberg

Science – Jack Futerman and Ava Rosenstein

History – Ezra Thau and Sami Rheingold

Campers will find out tonight on which team they will be competing. This week, they will get together with the rest of their team from across the camp to learn their team cheer and song that will be performed at Olympics this coming Friday. They will participate in wacky events during the day that will ultimately lead to a competitive Sing at the dance.

There’s a lot happening at Camp Green Lane this week. Stay tuned for plenty of photos and stories as our amazing summer continues!