Summer Blog Post July 11th

, July 11, 2022

Good Evening!

This is my first blog post of the summer! Today was FUNDAY on the schedule. We had tons of leagues, tournaments, swims, and of course fun all day! I was able to go out in the fields to see camp in action.

Tonight, the Cadets are on their overnight, Senior Boys are at Freddy Hill, and the Greeks are on their camping trip. It is a little quieter between the arches tonight. It’s times like these where you really see campers have a new appreciation for camp. It’s not just them.

I have a new appreciation for each day at camp.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading my wife’s blogs as much as I have. They evoke a perspective that I have long forgotten…someone who doesn’t eat, sleep and breathe CGL. I was lucky enough to make CGL my home 16 years ago. I have always been at overnight camp, and every summer was filled with happiness, joy and a ton of amazing memories. Having Kate here this year has really been an incredible experience. In addition to having the love of my life in my favorite place in the world, I have also been able to see someone experience camp for the first time. I have seen Kate transform from someone coming into this summer with apprehensions, and nerves (similar to many of us on our first summer), to someone who sees how Green Lane is more than activities, and wilderness, and cabins. It is love, tradition, community, acceptance, happiness and home.

Many of you who read the blog are CGL alumni, or parents of current campers who have been here for years. I forgot what it was like to not know. There are so many activities that I can take for granted because I have experienced them for so long. I don’t remember what it’s like to see carnival for the first time, or experience my first Message to Garcia evening activity. There is such a newfound sense of excitement in both her and me, that I get to experience. I cannot wait to see Olympics, Silent Meals, Camp Shows, and all the other incredible things to come through her eyes. It gives us all a glimpse into a first time camper’s mind, and for that, I am incredibly lucky.

In addition to having her here, I love the ability to read her posts. I don’t always see them before they are posted, and it is really cool to see what she writes on a daily basis. I know camp so well, and I know Kate well too, that it really is interesting to see what she focuses on, and how she perceives everything that happens.

We are running a fun new schedule tomorrow, filled with Leagues, Tournaments, Swims, and a mid-day canteen!!! The campers don’t know about the canteen treat yet…that is just between us.

We will update you on how the day goes tomorrow!

Uncle Jesse