Summer Blog Post-July 14th

, July 14, 2022

Once again, one more night of Guest Blog Posts.  Tonight’s two posts, are from the Greek division that went on their Greek Trip earlier this week.


6:30 am. The girls and I were on the bus heading to the Poconos for an overnight trip with the division. Last year, we weren’t able to experience the Greek trips because of COVID. We have been waiting and hearing how fun it is to be a Greek and how exciting the trips are. And we finally got to go. The past 2 days have been so much fun, and I enjoyed every second. The first day after the bus ride we all went white water rafting. I have not been, so I was excited to go. All of Sigma fit on one raft and it was a bonding experience. Someone had to be the captain, along with the rest of us rowing. It was a rough start but then we started yelling “row” every time we rowed, and we found a rhythm and ended up being ahead of the other rafts for some time. Then we got stuck on a rock but worked together to get unstuck and back on track. There were spots where the leader said we could swim so we all jumped off the raft and swam with everyone. The instructor also gave us all splash buckets so the whole time we were splashing each raft and playing “bumper boats”. We stopped in the middle and had a lunch on the rocks. Then back on the raft for our row back. After rafting, we all slept on the bus back and then settled into the campsite. Everyone slept in tents, and they were pretty big. My whole cabin also slept in one tent. Later that night we had dinner together then had some free time, so we played volleyball, basketball, and football. It was so nice outside, and everyone was just hanging out. By dark we all watched a movie and after had late night s’mores. They were so good. The next morning, we got up and went out to breakfast. We had the best pancakes and got fueled up for paintballing. On our way to paintball, we jammed out to music and talked until we got there. Once we got there, we got suited up in big camo suits and split into teams. Purple vs White. There were different courses to paint ball in. The first was a castle which was huge and so many spots to hide and shoot. We played two rounds of that then moved to a course in the woods. It was so much more fun, and we played many rounds of that. After paintballing I was so tired, and we all slept on the bus. Towards the end of the trip, we made a quick stop to the beach. We got some ice cream and fries and laid on the sand and went into the water. Then we made one last stop for dinner at a local pizza place near camp. Finally, we came home back to camp after a long but fun 2 days. Ever since I was an inter girl, I was so jealous of the older cooler Greek girls that got to leave camp overnight and go on a trip. And now, being the oldest girls in camp and finally having our Greek trip we realized how much fun it is. As this being our last camper summer, we take in every second we have with each other and at camp. This trip was beyond fun and an experience I will never forget.

-Ellie Betesh

Ever since we were Inter Girls, we have seen the older boys and girls come back with stories from their Greek Trip. We have been anxiously awaiting the day we could go on our own trip and create our own memories. It is crazy to think that this summer we were finally able to have this experience. This summer, the Greek trip was a two day and one night camping overnight in the Pocono Mountains. With an early start to the day, Gamma and the rest of the Greeks piled on to the buses and took a relaxing two-hour bus ride to the campsite. We filled the time with naps, sing-alongs, and bagels with cream cheese. Our first activity of the weekend was whitewater rafting. While the water shoes may not have been the most stylish, we all had a great ride. The rapids weren’t too intense, so we spent most of our time splashing people in other rafts and swimming in the calm waters. We made friends with our instructor, Wheezie, too. For dinner, there was a buffet offering mac and cheese bites, chicken fingers, and more. After our long day of adventures, we sat back and enjoyed some laughs with a classic movie. We ended the night with s’mores. The next morning, we went to Whitehaven diner where I had possibly the best French toast of my life. We played paintball for a few hours, and while we left with a few bruises, everybody had a blast! After that we went to a lake with a sandy beach. The food at the concession stand was incredible and I had amazing grilled cheese. Our time at the lake was cut short due to the rain. We arrived back at our second home after a quick stop at Chiaro’s for pizza. The trip was an incredible experience filled with unforgettable memories. We were grateful for this opportunity to not only tighten our bond with those in our bunk but create lifelong friendships with others in the division. We can’t wait to see what Aunt Rene has in store for Summer 23’!  



Faith Cohen and Kayleigh Bender