Summer Blog Post July 15th

, July 15, 2022

Happy Olympics!!!

Today was yet another special day in our camp schedule! Everyone has spent time this week at rallies, learning their teams’ cheers and songs to be performed today – at last!

We started the day with a treat; a 9:00 breakfast! This gave everyone the opportunity to rest up for the big day ahead.

After breakfast, each team made a grand entrance onto the basketball court, led by their Olympics Team Captains carrying custom banners. As a reminder, our theme this year is School Subjects, and our teams are History (yellow), Math (blue), English (red), and Science (green). Every member of every team was sporting something in their team colors, which made the bleachers colorful and each team easy to identify.

Opening ceremonies began with the running of the CGL Olympic torch, carried by some of our Greek campers. They ended by lighting the official Olympic barbecue pit on the basketball court. Each Olympics team performed their cheer for the elite judges, Uncle Adam and Uncle Jay. Then, the games truly began with a round of Fear Factor, where the team captains had to race to eat an eclectic charcuterie board adorned with delicacies such as pickled jalapeno eggs, horseradish, blue cheese, olives, Vienna sausages, and plant-based chocolate pudding. Each team cheered on their captains with vigor – clearly relieved they were not the ones competing themselves.

The rest of the day consisted of a variety of activities! Each division competed against themselves in the events, as all divisions have been divided into the four different Olympics teams regardless of cabin. Inters, Cadets, and Debs competed in activities such as wacky relay races, bombardment (dodgeball), and slip-and-slide relays. Our older campers, the Senior Boys, Senior Girls, and Greeks, competed in slip-and-slide kickball, tug of war, and an obstacle course.

I had the pleasure of running the obstacle course today, along with Aunt Mindy Davidoff. Every camper on each team completed the course, and the teams with the fastest time won the event. After we saw each older division, the entire camp gathered to watch the Olympics captains compete. We couldn’t believe how close the final scores were – the entire event is going to come down to the team songs that will be performed at the dance!

I absolutely loved being a part of the obstacle course today. Everyone, regardless of athletic ability, body type, or cabin, was cheering on each and every person on their team with support and positivity. Jesse always told me that camp is a place where everyone can just be themselves, and that everyone here just understands that. I’m not sure I believed it until I saw it in action today. As an unathletic person myself, I’m finding that at camp, I feel more confident in taking to the pickle ball courts or trying to shoot a basketball during freeplay. It doesn’t matter whether or not I’m good – it matters that I try. And it’s the same for all of our CGL family here, from Inters to counselors.

I’m sure we will have plenty of Olympic updates for tomorrow’s blog – stay tuned to see which team is the big winner of 2022!!!!