Summer Blog Post July -16th

, July 16, 2022

Happy Oneday!

We are so excited to share that the winner of Olympics was ENGLISH!!!

The final scores came within 100 points from 4th place to 1st place. The competition was fierce, but we all got to celebrate together at the dance last night. It was an exciting day and I have a hunch everyone slept very well last night.

Today, we also hosted our Rookie Day! Potential campers and their families joined us here between the arches for a little taste of what life at CGL is like. They were led by Uncle Jesse, some of our amazing counselors and specialists, and of course, Uncle Jay and Uncle Adam. Rookies experienced the high ropes course, time at the lake, archery, and even had a visit to the canteen after lunch.

Seeing all of these small kids marching around camp with their bags, skipping behind their counselors and carrying their arts and crafts projects made me want to run up to them and emphatically tell them just how amazing camp is. That it’s even better than just the activities and canteen. If you liked today, just WAIT until you see what a full day at CGL can bring! I hope to see some of them next summer running around camp and helping in the kitchen. Knowing what could lie ahead for them between the arches was encouraging in a way I didn’t know I needed.

To end our blog today, I thought we would do something a little different. I had a full day in the kitchen making mac and cheese grilled cheese today, and 6th period ended with the Deb cabin, Plaza. We took some time while they were enjoying their grilled cheese to chat and get to know each other a little better. Mostly, I asked them about camp. Here are some of the answers they gave me:

What is your favorite part about camp?

“Meeting everyone in my bunk and having a lot of fun with my friends.”

“The lake! I really like the slide and the mesh pit.”

“Coming back to camp and getting to do all of the same activities I liked doing last summer.”

“Olympics, because my team won!”

“Trying new things, like the logs at high ropes!”

“I love that I can be my true self at camp and no one can judge me. And cooking.”

“The Iron Pigs – the food was soooo good. I also like getting to be myself without people thinking I’m weird.”

“Having a water fight and being able to take down our counselors.”

“Relying on my friends.”

What are you still looking forward to this summer?

“COLOR WAR!!!!!!”

“The end of color war when we get to reunite with our friends and not be competing anymore.”

“Dorney Park and the overnight because we get to be with other cabins.”

“Campfire night, and the drama play! I love that all of camp gets to come watch.”

“10:00 breakfast!!!” (This was pretty unanimous.)

“Cabaret and being able to dance with my friends.”

“Steamy days because you can have water fights. And bunkos because you get to connect with your cabin!!”

Stay tuned for more insights from our campers. Which cabins should we interview next???