Summer Blog Post-July 17th

, July 17, 2022

This past week we were so fortunate to have both a Camp Green Lane Alumni and a Pediatric Gastroenterologist here at Camp with us.  Dr. Leslie Small Harary and before she left, she emailed me this blog post for tonight.

I was 19 when I finished my CGL journey after 10 straight summers between the arches. I was devastated but had to take pre med classes that summer and swore I would be back one day as the camp doctor. That day arrived last week and it has been nothing short of a dream come true. This place is magical and if you’ve never experienced it it’s hard to fully explain it. I have been texting with my lifelong Green Lane friends all week who have been craving every last detail of my days and nights here. I only wish they were here to experience the magic between the arches with me, and boy is it magical. My oldest daughter is spending her first summer here in Holiday and is too engrossed in her soon to be lifelong friendships to even spend time with me. I spend my days between sick calls, walking the camp and remembering the absolute best parts of my childhood. I see the cheers and high fives and am immediately transported back to the 1990s to when things were so simple and filled with pure joy. Days and nights spent with my absolute best friends in the world were what I lived for and gifting that to my child has been a blessing for both of us.

It has been my absolute pleasure to be here with your children. To help them with their injuries, colds and rashes but more importantly to watch their lives be forever changed by their summer home and their lifelong friends.

My daughter will live 10 for 2 for the rest of her camp days and I could not be happier for her.

With love,