Summer Blog Post July 19th

, July 19, 2022

Happy Playday!

Today was a beautiful, warm day. Some of yesterday’s humidity broke with the rain overnight, so it was a great day to relax and play. Tomorrow looks warm, but we are ready for extra swims and plenty of extra sunscreen!

Last night we had our Cul de Sac Camp and Concert.  Divisions were called down to the Globe during the day and created disc art. They took pictures and attached them to vinyl records. We did have to explain what a vinyl record’s purpose was, which made us all feel old.

Campers chose colors and made their own unique souvenir. Our Greeks had a really fun opportunity to write their own song with one of the artists, former CGL camper Ben Krieger (2013-2014.) The Greeks sat with him and wrote their own song which they performed later on at the concert.

After dinner, we were all called down to the Globe. Ben warmed up the crowd and even had his own fan club made up of his former cabin mates (who are now CGL staff) and the Greeks he worked with earlier in the afternoon. After he performed a few songs, the headliner of the group, Brett Koolik, came out and got the party going. There were bright lights, a fog machine, and plenty of campers up on their feet dancing. It was a really fun night.

Today was Camp Kindness Day. Each division had the opportunity to contribute a post-it to the kindness wall with positive and supportive quotes and sentiments. Campers also had the chance to write letters to express their gratitude to someone who has been kind. We also wrote thank you notes to the infirmary staff, who have been working exceptionally hard taking care of everyone in the past few weeks. In the spirit of Camp Green Lane, we encourage everyone reading this blog to share an act of kindness tomorrow in honor of our Camp Kindness Day.

Tonight, the cadets are going to Freddy Hill after their original golfing trip was postponed. At camp, it’s Pals night. Pals are where we pair up a Senior Girl and Inter Girl or a Senior Boy and an Inter Boy to create new bonds and friendships. Sometimes they will share a spa night or a campfire. But tonight, the girls swim and the boys are having an intense water fight (don’t worry, there are lots of squeals and giggles.)

Stay cool, everyone!