Summer Blog Post July 1st

, July 1, 2022

Today was our very first Playday of the summer!

This morning was the boys’ elective. In cooking, we made tie dye grilled cheese and air fried pickles. Don’t worry, I’ll be making a recipe book to send home with your campers at the end of the summer so you can try everything together at home! For now, the pictures will have to suffice.

We had our first barbecue lunch today, where some of our upper staff grilled hot dogs over the grill in back of the White House for everyone. This is a tradition every Friday afternoon for the next seven weeks. It really feels like summer when you look around and see everyone in bathing suits or pinnies eating hot dogs outside.

Tonight, in the Globe, is our first Friday night Services of the summer as we gather as entire Camp family.  Each week, a different Division will lead services; tonight is Senior Girls. Also at services, we award our “CGL CHIPS,” which are characteristics we like to recognize and honor in our campers. It stands for “Creativity, Generosity, Leadership, Compassion, Honesty, Integrity, Perseverance, and Sportsmanship.” Tonight’s theme is perseverance. Each Division will reward a camper who displayed this important characteristic in the past week and will be awarded a CGL CHIPS medal.

Our Friday night services are an important time where we can come together as a community and take a moment to reflect on how grateful we are to be spending the summer together learning, playing, and growing. There is an emphasis on togetherness that beautifully balances our friendly competition we see throughout the day.

This week, as we talk about perseverance, I think about all of the campers who may have struggled with homesickness this week or simply being in a new environment outside their comfort zone. Tonight, we celebrate the fact that even when our emotions are challenged, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by people who encourage us to try our best, stick it out, and give everything new a chance.

Individually, we persevere. Together, we thrive.