Summer Blog Post July 21st

, July 21, 2022

Happy Someday (morning!)

Last night’s Inter/Deb/Cadets production of Matilda was just what the camp needed to come together and cheer each other on. The performances were great, and it was really fun to see the three divisions collaborating on something everyone could enjoy. There was a lot of applause and enthusiasm pervading the Globe, and the cheering for the performers was only beaten by the applause for the 10:00 breakfast that Uncle Adam announced immediately following the show.

As campers were headed back to their cabins, the sound of the Survivor music echoed throughout camp. Everyone raced to BB1 where Uncle Jesse announced our third Survivor competition of the summer – a glow in the dark Easter Egg hunt! During the Matilda performance, several upper staff members hid over 550 eggs across camp, each filled with a glow stick. The Division that brought the most eggs back to their designated hula hoop on the basketball court would be the winner.

Everyone scattered at the blow of the starting whistle, and the eggs started coming back in droves. Campers filled their pockets with glowing eggs, discarding them with their supervisors and taking off again. At the end of the event, the Greeks came in 3rd place, the Cadets came in 2nd, and the Inter Boys took home their second 1st place title of Survivor this year!!

We all got our much-needed rest this morning and slept in. After breakfast, we had a regular Someday morning, but this afternoon was a Steamy Day schedule! That means it’s a little too warm for our regular activities, so we make some adjustments to the schedule for extra pool and lake time, as well as some specialties like slip and slide kickball and relays, and a watery obstacle course. This way, we can all stay cool while still having fun.

Tonight’s treat is a special kickoff to our visiting day weekend – fireworks! Tomorrow brings a pizza food truck, super clean up, and a lot more staying cool. We hope you are finding ways to beat the heat, too!