Summer Blog Post July 23rd

, July 23, 2022

Happy Saturday!

We hope that you all enjoyed your opportunity to facetime with your campers earlier today! It was really fun to wander around camp and see so many big smiles mid-conversation, and to learn more about some of you from your kids who were excited to share new stories from home.

Last night was our Friday night service. We had a LOT of accolades to acknowledge and even more to celebrate as an entire camp.

This week’s CGL CHIPS theme was Leadership, and there were so many people to recognize for their awesome leadership here between the arches. The recipients of the Leadership award this week were:

Inter Boys: Micah Golub

Inter Girls: Ellie Daniels

Cadets: Elliott Lesser

Debs: Molly Ehrlich

Senior Boys: Oren Kichel

Senior Girls: Jess Schneck

Greeks: Andrew Blizzard

Staff: Hunter Cohen

And of course our COWs (Counselors of the Week) were Jack Futerman, Tanae Holloway, Josh Ward, Will Stutman, and Rosie Potter.

We also recognized the Senior Girl division for their flexibility and positivity, and Aunt Beth received a coveted “I Bleed Green and White” shirt for being such an incredible sport stepping up to the plate to cover for Aunt Rachel as supervisor while she was out sick. Yes, in addition to taking and posting all of our camp photos, Aunt Beth was also Senior Girl supervisor for a week. She works hard, and it shows!!

Today was another warm day. When not making phone calls, campers were at the lake or the pool, playing gaga, or relaxing in the shade. We had a BBQ lunch, with a special corn stand as a delicious treat.

Later this afternoon, we had yet ANOTHER Survivor event – a bucket brigade relay, where campers had to pass cups of water from the lake all the way down their Division’s line to try and fill their bucket first. The final rankings for the event haven’t yet been released; we will let you know as soon as the judges have deliberated.

For juice sqaud, we had a Kona Ice truck in the Circle for a special, cool treat! It was delicious, and another way to make the day extra special.

Tonight’s evening activity is a magic show in the Globe. Maybe he can magically make this heat wave disappear….

Tomorrow is supposed to be another warm one, but that’s okay, because the whole camp is going ice skating!!!

We hope you had a fun Visiting Day, too! I’m sure your campers had a lot to share. Stay cool!