Summer Blog Post July 26th

, July 26, 2022

Happy Oneday!

Today was a GORGEOUS day, and even though it was overcast, it was so nice having a break from the heat. All went according to plan with our daily schedule, though everyone is still whispering about color war breaking.

The Inter Boys have their overnight tonight, and Delta will be assisting them! They will make burgers and hot dogs on a campfire, pitch their own tents, and spend the evening under the stars – and it’s the perfect night to get all snuggled up in a sleeping bag.

Last week, I had the chance to chat with a girls cabin about some of their favorite things about camp. Today, I had the opportunity to interview campers from the Blue Jays, and while they weren’t quite as loquacious as the girls, their sentiments and enthusiasm were very similar.

What are you still looking forward to at camp this summer?

COLOR WAR!!!!!!!!

Cabaret, where we get to have special food and sodas.

Dorney Park and Color War, because they are SOOO fun!

Another dance, because I like dancing with my friends.

What are your favorite meals at camp?

Grilled cheese!

Taco Tuesday!




(This is convenient, as we had pierogis for lunch and it’s Taco Tuesday for dinner. The Blue Jays were very excited.)

What do you love most about camp?

Field trips and outings. My favorite was the Iron Pigs. I loved the fireworks.

Playing in the lake!

Playing sports! Especially basketball, but pretty much any sport.