Summer Blog Post July 31st

, July 31, 2022

Today’s blog is about tradition.

Imagine dropping into camp on a random day during Color War. Imagine this is your first summer. Imagine this is all new. With everything that’s going on, the camp split into Green and White, and all the intensity and passion on every court and field in camp, it must be something else to witness for the first time or as an outsider.

The competition certainly would stand out. And we had plenty more of that today. I had the opportunity to referee a hockey game in the morning and a football game in the afternoon, and at Snack Squad watched an incredible basketball game on BB1. For those boys, it was the Stanley Cup Final, the Super Bowl and Game 7 of the NBA Finals all in one day.

But if you look a little closer around camp this week, you see another ingredient to what makes this week and this place so special: the traditions.

Walk around camp during rallies, and you’ll hear exhausted, raspy-voiced songwriters teaching the songs each team will sing Thursday night at Sing, arguably the biggest and most tradition-heavy night of the summer. Stop by Arts and Crafts, and the Greeks are working hard on scoreboards and plaques, which will hang in the Dining Hall forever. Soon, you’ll hear them hammering and chiseling their planks, which will live forever in the Globe rafters. They’re also working on Picassos, which adorn the walls of the Dome.

As soon as Color War broke, you saw teams break off and get to work on these creative projects. It’s not just about athletic competition. Who can draw? Who can sing? Who’s funny? Counselors and campers are also writing Campfire Skits, which used to be performed in front of an actual campfire. Now they’re held in the Globe.

We’ll tell you more about Steeplechase later this week (that’s the race with the watermelon eating contest at the end), and tomorrow is Rope Burn. That’s my favorite of them all, and there’s already a buzz in the air for it. Male Camper Captains have been planning and piling wood, got their traditional haircuts and will take their place in CGL history this week.

At last count, White held a slim lead over Green.

The games have been tight.

And the traditions remain strong.