Summer Blog Post July 3rd

, July 3, 2022

Happy Someday!

Today was another gorgeous summer day full of activities, electives, and rest.

As the summer goes on, I am continuously impressed by our counselors at Camp Green Lane. I want to take a moment to appreciate everything it is that they do for our campers.

Our counselors come from all over the world, but while we are here between the arches, we all have one focus – to give our campers the best summer ever.

Counselors are with campers all day long. They make sure everyone is brushing their teeth, has enough to eat at every meal, drinks water all day long, applies and reapplies and reapplies sunscreen, and ensures that every camper is where they need to be when they need to be there.

This week, as an upper staff member, I have watched counselors forming trusting relationships with the kids in their cabins, divisions, and beyond. I’ve witnessed cabin dance parties before bed, ferocious cheerleading from the sidelines of League games, and comfort and companionship in times of need.

Counselors help keep our kids safe, happy, and healthy. They work tirelessly. They mediate, nurture, encourage, challenge, and celebrate our campers. Counselors are part of the magic of Green Lane.

Every positive attribute I saw in our counselors during orientation has only amplified in the past week watching them with their cabin kids.

I promise you that they are taking wonderful care of your campers and forming lasting, meaningful relationships. Watching counselors interact with campers is one of my favorite parts of camp so far.

We can’t wait to share some of that magic with you as the summer continues.