Summer Blog Post July 7th

, July 7, 2022

Happy Oneday!

In all the excitement of Carnival, I forgot to mention the winners of the Carnival lip sync!

In third place was the Cubs and Sands with Baby Shark!

In second place was the Dodgers and Seasons with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!

And in first place, the Braves and Ritz with What Does the Fox Say!

There was also an exclusive Lip Sync MVP award that went to our Carnival King himself, Jacob Gladstone for his riveting performance as a lion in The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

We are already looking forward to what our next performances have in store for our campers and counselors.

Yesterday was a lovely return to normalcy here at camp. The past few days have started out a little drizzly and cloudy but turned into beautiful, sunny July afternoons.

Last night, Jesse and I had the absolute joy of watching the Inter Boys participate in their evening activity, Message to Garcia. The game is basically Telephone or Whisper down the Lane, where campers have to pass a message to the next person, with the objective of correctly communicating the given message through all of their teammates. Message to Garcia takes it up a notch, however, and positions campers all over camp, so they have to run from one teammate to the next. It’s basically Telephone, but a relay race.

It was quite possibly the funniest thing I have seen thus far at camp.

All of the boys scattered immediately, before even hearing what the given phrase was. Some took off to Cadet Lawn, others bolted to the Globe, and a few moseyed over to the Field Office bathrooms with no urgency whatsoever. A few sat on the ground to pick grass, and one camper came back to report that there was no one from his team at his given post (HE was the one that was supposed to be at that particular post from his team.) It was the best kind of innocent chaos, and after a few minutes of laughter from all the grown ups, we paged them back to the Circle to re-explain the rules.

It only took a few more tries before one of the Inter Boy teams successfully communicated their message back to the counselors and won!

We have vowed to spend more evenings watching the Inter Boys activities.