Summer Blog Post- July 9th

, July 9, 2022

Happy Sayday!

Last night was our second evening of Friday Night Services. The Inter Boys led us through a discussion about honesty, which was our CGL CHIPS focus of the evening. Aunt Rose talked about how it isn’t always easy to do the honest thing, but that honesty means being true to ourselves and our community.

Our campers that received the CGL CHIPS for honesty were:

Inter Boys: Nate Kaplan

Inter Girls: Farrah Kessler

Cadets: Avery Steinberg

Debs: Ava Gold

Senior Boys: Eli Berman

Senior Girls: Emmy Schurr

Greeks: Sadie Solomon

We also introduced our COW award, which stands for Counselor of the Week. Winners are awarded a cow statuette and a Wawa gift card. Our very first COW recipients were Tyler Malat, Josh Wiltshire, Lauren Causer Smith, and Oscar Tibble. When our COWs were announced, they were celebrated with a loud chorus of MOOOOOs, which sounds a lot like a BOOOOO, but with love.

We also had our second Survivor event last night! It was an upper staff personal favorite – silent meal. All campers had to be as quiet as possible during dinner last night while supervisors and specialists went around taunting them, trying to get them to giggle, squeal, cheer, and protest. It was a playful half hour with lots of smiles and tongue biting. Ultimately, the final ranking was Debs in 3rd place, Inter Girls in 2nd place, and in 1st place, the Inter Boys!!

Tonight and tomorrow are casino nights in the Globe! We have plenty of games set up for our campers to enjoy and perhaps win a coveted prize such as an extra canteen treat, a doordash-ed meal, a day of golf cart rides to each meal and activity, and a full day of air conditioning.

The summer is really moving along here at camp! And yet it seems impossible that the 4th of July was only 5 days ago…time is a fascinating concept here between the arches!