Summer Blog Post June 27th

, June 27, 2022

Now we’re starting to get into the groove of camp!

Our second full day of camp started out a little differently with a rainy day schedule. Divisions met across camp in safe, dry spaces to play games in order to accommodate for a drizzly morning. It’s always an exciting day at CGL!

Luckily, things cleared up by this afternoon and we were able to return to our regular Anyday schedule.

What’s Anyday you may ask? Great question.

It turns out there is a lot of terminology that is unique to CGL. It’s definitely a learning curve as a new member of the CGL family, so I thought I would share some of the key vocabulary you may hear your camper use so you can try to keep up. This list doesn’t cover locations, trips, or special events – I’ll save those for another blog post. Believe me, it’s better to learn it in small chunks than to try to process it all at once!

Here is a CGL glossary that may be helpful as our summer continues:

  • Reveille – Our morning wake up call (typically 7:50 am)
  • Line Up – When we gather by boys camp and girls camp before meals
  • Rest period – A break to unwind after lunch
  • Snack Squad/Juice Squad – Mid-afternoon snack break
  • Mail Call – Designated time for campers to collect letters and care packages
  • Recall/Shower Hour – When everyone goes back to their cabin before dinner to shower and regroup
  • Free Play – When campers get to pick which activity to participate in after dinner
  • First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Period – Our scheduled periods during the day when campers rotate from activity to activity
  • Rainy Day Schedule/Bunko – An alternative schedule for when it is rainy/our call for everyone to return to their cabin during a thunderstorm
  • Steamy Day – An alternative schedule for when it’s a little too warm for strenuous outdoor activities
  • Clinic – Campers choose a sport for extra instruction (basketball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, flag football, gymnastics, tennis, etc.)
  • Elective – Campers choose a non-sport activity for (cooking, arts & crafts, archery, dance, drama, etc.)
  • Someday, Anyday, Oneday, Heyday, Sayday, Playday, Funday – The days on our schedule

Comment and let us know if we forgot any important CGL vocab!!