Summer Blog Post June 28th

, June 28, 2022

Today was another beautiful, sunny and breezy summer day at Camp Green Lane. It was a perfect day to be outside and our campers took advantage of the gorgeous weather.

Additionally, our campers had the opportunity to participate in Path to Rhythm   Path to Rhythm is when we bring each division into the globe to participate in a drum circle. They learn about different kinds of drums, how to play music on multiple percussion instruments, and create a Camp Green Lane rhythm all its own. Half of our campers took part in it today, and the other half will get the chance tomorrow.

All of the campers by now are also on league teams by division, which is a summer long athletic competition were they are with the same teams to play multiple sports for the ultimate prize of a pizza party.  Everywhere you looked, there was fierce competition, whether it was Inter boys or Greek girls playing basketball or Debs playing soccer. While competition was tough, as soon as the whistle blew, the bunks became unified as single cabins again, and good sportsmanship took ultimate priority.

This evening, the Inter boys are on the first field trip of the past two years. They are mini golfing at Freddy Hill. Freddy Hill is a dairy farm that makes their own ice cream and has a fun and unique mini golf course. Regardless of the score – win, lose, or draw – everything’s better when there’s ice cream at the end of the game.

The rest of the Campers have evening activities by division tonight, but there is a sense that something exciting might be on the horizon for tomorrow…