Winter Vacation

, December 14, 2014

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and are looking forward to the Winter Vacation next week! While I was home back in Philadelphia last month I was fortunate enough to get together with Uncle Adam and Uncle Jay.

While meeting with the CGL brain trust, we were able to solidify our calendar for this upcoming summer. We discussed all the special events, dances, trips, new surprises and many more things. Of course, this got me VERY excited for the summer. There is a complete feeling of warmth I get when I talk about camp, even in the dreaded cold winter months. We were able to look back at this past summer’s calendar and figure out what worked, what we wanted to change, and new things we are going to add for this summer!

A little plug here: If any of you campers, parents and even alumni reading this have any ideas for new special events, evening activities, color war, or anything else, please email them to me at I know that you all are the best method of getting new ideas, and making the summer of 2015 truly special.

There is nothing I believe in more than the power of summer camp. This past weekend, was the annual camp reunion. Although I was not able to be there, I did see a lot of pictures of camp friends acting as if they have seen each other every day since camp. That is part of what makes camp friends special. You can go days, weeks or even months without seeing one another, and when you finally do reunite, it is as if you were never apart. That is how you know you found a true friend. No matter how long it has been since you last see them, you can pick up the exact conversations, laugh at the same jokes, and fill each other in, without your friendship skipping a beat.


A few years ago, I went across the pond to London. I had no major plans, but I really wanted to see as many camp friends as possible. I was overwhelmed by the amount of international staff from camp, over the years that reached out to me and were willing to have me stay with them. I was able to see about 15-20 of them in my 6 days there. Distance means nothing to a Camp Green Lane camper. As I have gotten older, I have realized the special bond that us Green Laners have! Once you hear that you are with CGL people, you instantly have a connection. Even when we stop going to camp (which I hope will never happen) we all have a common thread which weaves through the rest of our lives; and I could not be more grateful.